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I said this before and I'll say it again: this is gonna be awesome….😁
safe1614857 screencap210665 applejack162523 cozy glow6707 discord29475 fluttershy202915 lord tirek5133 pinkie pie207382 princess celestia91143 princess luna95463 queen chrysalis33378 rainbow dash223971 rarity173685 spike75728 twilight sparkle288184 alicorn205893 centaur3053 changeling42943 changeling queen13855 draconequus9866 dragon50866 earth pony215664 pegasus257002 pony882468 unicorn284908 the ending of the end2912 leak1528 blast608 bow25795 canterlot5360 canterlot castle1971 cloven hooves9179 colored hooves5049 cowboy hat14043 cozycorn616 female1285465 fighting back5 filly61566 flying35557 grogar's bell432 hair bow14143 hat79470 losers club29 magic68399 magic blast963 male343576 mane seven6150 mane six30365 mare439137 nose piercing2507 nose ring2023 piercing36934 race swap13408 throne room991 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118329 wall of tags2650 winged spike7833


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Background Pony #B1AF
PRINCESS TWILIGHT, MOVE YOUR A&& already!! The boulder's shrinking by a centimeter at every second!!!
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Background Pony #A024
Spike, don't go any lower or you will be stabbed by Rarity's horn in your intimate parts. And then discusion who will have your children in the future will be utterly pointless
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