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safe1586444 edit119591 edited screencap57253 screencap206293 aloe2446 angel bunny9410 apple bloom46807 autumn blaze3413 babs seed5545 berry punch6150 berryshine6142 big macintosh26712 bon bon15457 boneless405 boneless 271 bow hothoof931 braeburn6006 bright mac1149 burnt oak109 capper dapperpaws1454 carrot cake1965 cheerilee9396 cheese sandwich3658 cherries jubilee150 cherry jubilee1019 clear sky382 cloudy quartz1225 coco pommel5573 coloratura2702 cranky doodle donkey925 cup cake3820 daring do6138 derpy hooves48186 diamond tiara9672 discord28935 dj pon-328075 doctor whooves10145 double diamond1562 fancypants1789 featherweight1199 flam2007 flash magnus724 flash sentry11941 flim2123 gabby2147 garble1637 gentle breeze299 gilda9117 goldie delicious360 grand pear228 granny smith5044 igneous rock pie810 iron will1283 limestone pie4634 lotus blossom2604 lyra heartstrings28068 marble pie6031 matilda467 maud pie11790 mayor mare3053 meadowbrook731 mistmane671 moondancer4445 mudbriar729 night glider1273 night light2024 nurse redheart3304 ocellus4687 octavia melody22606 opalescence1997 owlowiscious1918 pear butter2498 pharynx885 photo finish2495 pipsqueak2705 plaid stripes240 posey shy1084 pound cake2381 prince rutherford690 princess cadance30483 princess celestia89814 princess ember5834 princess flurry heart6380 princess luna94233 pumpkin cake2111 quibble pants1434 rainbow dash220916 rockhoof997 roseluck4710 rumble3760 saffron masala1575 sandbar4803 sassy saddles954 scootaloo49064 shining armor21704 silver spoon6169 silverstream5437 smolder6870 snails5112 snips4029 soarin'13349 somnambula1692 spitfire12749 starlight glimmer44582 stygian694 sugar belle2779 sunburst5949 sunset shimmer57534 sweetie belle46634 sweetie drops15461 tank2606 thorax3999 thunderlane3795 time turner10142 tree hugger2613 trouble shoes1048 twilight sparkle283800 twilight velvet3856 twist2747 vinyl scratch28077 windy whistles1893 winona2433 yona4562 zecora8808 zephyr breeze2091 zippoorwhill355 alicorn199585 alligator725 bird6963 breezie2043 buffalo588 cat5509 changedling7434 changeling41289 dog8534 donkey1619 draconequus9116 dragon48919 griffon24438 hippogriff8470 kirin6999 minotaur884 owl886 pony856637 rabbit4541 tortoise533 yak3935 zebra15827 the last problem4390 animal3526 buttercup72 cutie mark crusaders18106 everycreature42 everypony371 flim flam brothers1173 king thorax2641 prince pharynx626 rara1008 spa twins1281 the magic of friendship grows71 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116212 wall of tags2535


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Background Pony #4AE5
I want to point out that aside from having Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, Applejack had the least trouble filling up her wall. Twilight's is good too but she's blocking a lot and needs more fill in. Rainbow Dash makes the the least sense and has several characters that are not involved with her.
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Awesome dude
Missing from Pinkie's square: Skystar, Sans Smirk, her imaginary friends, Chickadee, the Gift Givers,

Missing from Fluttershy's square: Seabreeze.

Missing from Rainbow Dash's square: Lightning Dust, Celaeno, most of the Wonderbolts, Chief Thunderhooves, (maybe) Grampa Gruff, Ms. Harshwhinny.

Missing from Applejack's square: Silver Shill, most of her extended family, Seaspray.

Missing from Rarity's square: Sapphire Shores, Fashion Plate, Prim Hemline, Chestnut, Coriander Cumin, her parents, Trenderhoof, Feather Bangs.

Missing from Twilight's square: Dusty Pages, Neighsay, Stellar Flare and Firelight, Star Tracker, Minuette, Twinkleshine, Lemon Hearts, Ma Hoofield.
Background Pony #83C7
They each got 1 student, 1 pillar, and 1 pet.

Rarity is off by her parents.
A Tale For The Ages - Celebrated MLP's 35th Anniversary and FiM's 8th Anniversary
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Awesome dude
I want full edited panoramic versions of these characters without the smoke, or Princess Twilight in the way of the last one. Can anyone do that?
Background Pony #EE55
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Hash value is #55EE
On a side note, this probably ends the debate of which of the Student 6 matches which of the M6.
Silverstream — Pinkie — Laughter
Sandbar — Fluttershy — Kindness
Smolder — Rainbow — Loyalty
Yona — Applejack — Honesty
Ocellus — Rarity — Generosity
Gallus — Twilight — Magic
Iron Storm

Raggedy Man
The fact that they added Sunset Shimmer pleases me. A shame she never showed up with a speaking roll in a episode though.
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