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Didn't think I'd have to upload this so soon. I couldn't fit everyone in, but still… Join us, my little ponies.

Thanks Netherlands.
artist needed26232 source needed15301 safe1749255 applejack173154 blossom241 fluttershy217130 pinkie pie220071 rainbow dash238419 rarity185468 twilight sparkle305987 alicorn232683 snail344 adventure time1454 bittersweet155 bloo (foster's)61 blossom (powerpuff girls)250 bubble5737 bubbles (powerpuff girls)318 buttercup76 buttercup (powerpuff girls)230 cartoon heaven6 clarence51 crossover63750 dan506 dan vs545 dipper pines373 end of g4104 end of ponies793 ferb fletcher35 finn the human283 fish hooks68 flapjack15 frankie pamplemousse3 gravity falls1423 harvey beaks15 heaven131 jake the dog181 k.o. (ok k.o.!)17 littlest pet shop766 lucky58 mabel pines407 mane six32544 marco diaz96 milo14 mordecai615 mordecai and rigby89 ok k.o.! lets be heroes30 phineas and ferb299 phineas flynn42 pound puppies104 regular show861 series finale blues58 sonic boom259 sonic the hedgehog3075 sonic the hedgehog (series)7582 star butterfly310 star vs the forces of evil539 the marvelous misadventures of flapjack20 the powerpuff girls927 the zhuzhus4 tuca2 tuca and bertie4 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126147 wander (wander over yonder)280 wander over yonder482 zoe trent294


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Maybe I was wrong almost a year ago. Gravity Falls isn't really bad after all. Because I watched both Amphibia and The Owl House, and they looked and almost acting the same way like Gravity Falls did.
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Boomerang Mini TV 6AM-1PM(yELLOW) Voice of Xochitil Ugarte BLOCK 1
Boomerang Live Action,Cartoon and Anime voice of Ivett Toriz BLOCK 2-A
1pm Woody Woodpeck (1999)/Lazytown
1:3o pm Scooby-Doo where are you/the world of Beakman
2pm Nadja of Tomorrow/My parents are Aliens
2:30 pm Mew Mew Power/ The show of Basil Brush
3pm Kaleido star/ Just add water
3:30 pm Mirko Zibang/Blue water high
4pm Sakura card Captors/ Foreign Exchange
4:30 Ranma 1/2/ Radio free Roscoe
5pm Corrector Yui/ the new adventure of flipper
5:30 pm Sailor Moon/Darcy´s Wild Life
Boomerang Movie(Blue) Voice of Ivett Toriz
Live Actions,Cartoon & Anime(Red) 2-B Voice of Ivett Toriz
8pm The Smurfs 1981-1989/Dragon Ball
8:30 PM Mlp friendship is Magic/Dragon Ball Z
9pm Winx Club/Beast Wars
9:30 pm He man & the masters of universe 1981-1983/Pokemon
10 pm Alvin and the Chipmunks 1983-1990/Inuyasha
10:30 PM Betty Toons/ Samurai X
11 PM The PPG/ Saint Seiya
11:30 pm Totally Spies/Yuyu hakusho
Classic Cartoons(Green) 12AM-6AM voice of Mario castañeda
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Welp, this is it. Ponies ends today. See you guys next gen.

@Background Pony #4EE0
Technically speaking, Steven Universe did end, and now it has an epilogue series, but I get what you mean.
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@northern haste

The channel became Discovery Family when Discovery got a new president which did major changes to the channel. Besides firing everyone, half of the channel got filled with old documentaries instead of classic animated and classic live action shows.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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The Nootiest
Pinkie Pie arrives at Heaven's gate, looking frantically for something. Or rather…someone…

???: "long time no see…"

Pinkie Pie recognized that voice. She remembered it from years ago, from when this man screamed to the heavens in rage. Pinkie with a crack in her voice, replies:

Pinkie: "D-Dan?" She said through tearful eyes

And sure enough, there he was, looking exactly how she remembered him, messy hair and all.

Dan: "Yup. The one and only. Great to finally see you again after all these years"

Pinkie couldn't even speak, she just ran and leaped into Dan, embracing him with the tightest hug she could possibly muster.

Pinkie: "DAN! I never thought I'd see you again."

Dan: "Same. So, considering how you and your friends are all here…I assume your show finally came to a close, huh?"

Pinkie looked down, tears falling from her face

Pinkie: "Y-yeah…"

Dan wiped away a tear in her eye

Dan: "hey, it was going to happen eventually, right? Besides, now that its over. We can finally be together again. Forever. Now come on, we've got to reintroduce you to some old friends."

Pinkie was confused by this as she tilted her head in bewilderment.

Pinkie: "reintroduced? To who?"

Just then, Bumblebee and Strawberry Shortcake appeared just over the horizon. Pinkie gasped and wanted to cry even harder out of sheer joy.

Dan: "Come on. The hub is waiting."

Pinkie then walked with Dan over the cloudy horizon, with tears of joy replacing her tears of sadness on account of all her old friends being there.

Pinkie then whispered to Dan: "thank you."
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Uh, excuse me. Adventure Time, Regular Show, Fish Hooks, Clerance, Phineas and Ferb, Sonic the Hedgehog, Polly and the Zue Zue Pets, OK K.O.! Lets be Heroes, Gravity Falls, Harvey Beaks, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack are not good shows!!😠😲
Beau Skunky
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@Background Pony #3A60
Well, it was missing the Motobugs, so I wouldn't say it was a perfect recreation.
The 3DS version of Generations actually did recreate the stages well in 3D too, I felt, though it was limited to a sidescrolling style of movement. (Though, might not be bad as that keeps you from accidentally running off the stage like in SA2.)
Background Pony #3D98
@Beau Skunky

It was accurate to the original level layout. The perfect recreation of a 2D level in 3D. I would love to see all the levels in the four Genesis games done that way.