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As a person who is actually not a fan of Fluttercord, I find it totlly ok how they handled it. The scene gives Fluttercord fans hope and hints but also didn’t say explicite that they are together what is good for the Fluttercord haters. I guess Fluttercord is a shipping who really devides the minds of the fandom and I personally guess this is the best they could make.
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Bartomeu dimissió!
@Shooting Star 4878
@Background Pony #DDCB
With everything that showed (so far), I watch this like a ’take it as you want’. Something ambiguous for both sides.

This is spot-on IMHO, and I consider myself kind of a shipper here. Why are some people obsessing about this, I just don’t get.
I may be getting too old for all these first world problems.
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Background Pony #0717
@Shooting Star 4878
One side has numerous teasing and episodes since S3 including Christmas special and comics, Angel and Spike teasing them wanting to marry and final moments of them living together in one place secluded from others.
Other side has….literally a single fact that they didn’t shown their kids.
Yup, totally seems ambiguous. I bet Fluttershy is also asexual and aromantic and that’s why she live where when no other stallion can ever reach her to ask for a date.
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Background Pony #DDCB
@Background Pony #0717
Look at that, she ages and he is not immortal. if it were the case they would have a true romance but actually never was. They never interested each other, especially cheesepie (that is unknown). You don’t know about IDW comics, they are something else.
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Background Pony #0717
No, they just appear from Discord dimension while Fluttershy sing in a middle of a grassy road. W never see her cottage or sanctuary.
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Background Pony #93DE
@Background Pony #0717
Anti-Fluttercord shippers are always going to deny this ship no matter what happens.
I personally don’t ship Fluttercord, but I think it’s pretty clear that they are a thing now especially since the sanctuary is in Discord’s dimension.
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Background Pony #0717
@Background Pony #C919
If you can believe that Fluttershy moved to his dimension along with her sanctuary only to have a friendly tea every day, and if you believe that Angel Bunny was lying about her wanting to marry him, then yeah, you can treat them as completely platonic buddies. Just like people treated Lyra and BonBon as "just friends" for so many years.
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