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The Canterlot High Students, The Crystal Prep Students, and Silver's Pirate Crew had finally found Flint's secret trove.

Sci-Twi: Girls, this is it!

Silver: The loot of a thousand worlds.

And with that, The Humane Seven began to open up their enchanted extension bags and suitcases to collect the treasure. As the Suitcases are used for an extension charm that can make the suitcases carry almost half of Flint's treasure. But while they were collecting almost more than 14,000,000,000 Treasure, Loaded Chests, Golden Coins, Pearls, Gemstones, Bricks, and Golden artifacts, Sunset was thinking on what to do with the rest of the treasure even though they are already collecting half of the Treasure 50-50.

Jim: Don't worry, Girls. That's the ship Flint used, I'll take it so I can give it to my mom. I'll meet you back at The Legacy

Sunset: Be careful, Jim.

Jim, Morph, and B.E.N sneaked close to Flint's ship while Silver was too distracted to notice, so was Rarity who was busy filling her extension charmed suitcase with many Gold Guineas and Gemstones.

Silver: A life time of searching. But at long last, I can Touch it!

Applejack: Why the long face, Sunset?

Sunset: I was just thinking about what to do with the rest of the treasure. I mean who could possibly need this much anyway?

Sunset and Sci-Twi just smiled assuring since they know one thing for sure.

Applejack: Well, we may have collected almost half of this treasure, but even though Silver searched his life for this, he too may not know what to do with all of it. But what he learned about that bond he shared with Jim, i'm sure you and he will learn that somethings are worth more than treasure. Like our friendship we still have.

Silver was listening to them, and what Applejack said was true that he had finally found the treasure, but may not do with the rest. Still he would have to bring as much as his crew would need. Since that Sci Twi had her pendent to give the suitcases extension charms to collect a whole half of it, he too would might wonder how it'll be satisfying.


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