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(Uploaded with permission!)

I didn't realize I forgot to Tweet this XD, but here's a meme I did


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Memer and adventurer
@Goddess Erosia
Same. Lol, question is, the movie or flash style? And was the g5 series supposedly CGI, or toon boom, I forgot…

@Darkest Lunar Flower
I think that is a fair assessment!
Plus, fan made stuff is usually better because we don't have the same workloads as a full time animation project. Like, all of the amazing CGI art, I'm not sure it would be possible to maintain that standard for a full series.
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Your real life Luna.
@Darkest Lunar Flower
Ugh I would never say something is bad because everyone else says it is ex being spikes whole existence, Twi’s wings, the finale, etc, neither did I say,”it’s horrible.” And theirs I’m not afraid of cgi I just said I have seen better, there’s is actually an artist I’ve seen here with phenomenal pony images in 3D, if I’m right they so far have rara, pinkie, AJ, and rainbow dash done.
In simplicity, I’ve seen it done better and this pinkie is a C it’s not amazing, but this is a commercial for youth and youth don’t look for that.
Goddess Erosia

please call me mom~<3

Regardless I still prefer traditional animation over 3D. I'm just saying this isn't absolutely intolerable.

3D cartoons are just so common now, there's a lot of shows out there that I think would look better as an actual traditional cartoon. I will probably always prefer the FIM art style.

Memer and adventurer
@Darkest Lunar Flower
It isnt horrible, TBH. It needs improvement, but I think we need to keep two things in mind.
1, this is not boulder. This was done by the same guys who make play-doh commercials. So, not that bad, and certainly not what the movie is using.
2, I think we all were afraid the CGI would honestly be horrible. Not "ha ha, it's popular to say it sucks" but legitimately, truly, horrible.
This is not that. The basic look of the CGI is actually pretty good, it just needs polishing and some work needs to be done on the actual animation.

Memer and adventurer
Nah. It was a really cute short, and it is nice to know there isnt a giant "END OF FRIENDSHIP" wall coming up with the FiM series finale.

Yeah, because that is so much worse than her hyper-inflating her head, giving herself fingers, swapping faces with G3 ponies, etc…
Honestly, the CGI captured Pinkie's Pinkie-ness pretty well. Could use improvement, but it did it better than I was expecting.