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Can we take a moment to process the very weird idea of Fluttershy wanting to marry Equestrian Jesus?
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Twilight: There are many parts of my foalhood that I’m not proud of. There were… loose threads… untidy parts of me I would like to remove. But I when I pulled on one of those threads, it unraveled the tapestry of my life.
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*Several hours later, after Twilight relives as a simple Unicorn

Discord: "Well, I give you something that most mortals only dream of achieving – a second chance at life – and you’re still not happy!:

Twilight: "The life you gave me isn’t worth living. That mare is…boring, aimless, and without any imagination! That is not who I am!"

Discord: "Au contraire, Princess, that mare is exactly who you said you wanted to be – a pony that wasn’t so focused, so obsessive. And so, you became exactly that, a pony that relaxed. And because that pony relaxed so much, she fell behind in her studies – didn’t really pay any attention to them or anything else at all, really! She didn’t watch in wonder as Princess Celestia raised the sun at the Summer Sun Celebration, and so didn’t try to learn everything she could about magic. And so she was never even considered for Celestia’s school for gifted unicorns, didn’t hatch Spike and earn her cutie mark at the sonic rainboom, and never became Celestia’s personal student. She never studied magic or history or the legend of Nightmare Moon, so she was never sent to Ponyville to meet her friends and unlock the elements of harmony, and so ultimately, she never became the Princess of Friendship. Instead, she drifted – never catching the attention of anypony."

Twilight:"…Change it all back, Discord! Back to what I was like before!"

Discord: "Before, you died."

Twilight: "And I would rather die as the pony I was, rather than live as…that pony that I became."

Discord: "Very well…"
Cut to an alternate future where Twilight never auditioned for the Princess’s school, and she failed her audition. She lives a mediocre life as a second-rate noble. Discord then appears to teach her that you have to take chances to go far in life, and then she’s brought back to life as an Alicorn Princess once again.
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