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Today is my birthday, I am very happy to celebrate it the first time on deviantart.
I thank you to all those who follow me
some of my watcher are shown in the picture
safe1638409 artist:fazbearsparkle238 apple bloom47996 rainbow dash226470 sunset shimmer60020 twilight sparkle291628 oc642373 alicorn210905 equestria girls190977 3d69760 alicorn oc24456 alicornified5063 birthday2472 birthday cake822 bloomicorn131 cake9382 candle4480 canterlot high2595 clothes435203 crossover60008 dress42188 evil oc6 fall formal outfits1356 five nights at freddy's1661 five nights at freddy's 2128 five nights at freddy's 455 fnaf 232 fnaf 414 food65915 foxy247 freddy fazbear278 happy birthday1153 mario1548 nightmare freddy10 non-mlp oc2587 non-pony oc779 race swap13595 scout1046 sfm pony980 source filmmaker42453 super mario bros.3697 team fortress 25438


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