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After meeting with one another, Trixie and Gali then come across (former) Queen Chrysalis.
Chrysalis: Muhahahaha.
Trixie: Oh no. It's you again!
Gali: You look familiar. Have we met before?
Trixie and Queen Chrysalis are (C) to Hasbro.Toa Gali is (C) to LEGO.Kakariko Village is (C) to Nintendo.
safe1597330 artist:eli-j-brony135 queen chrysalis33016 trixie63311 changeling41926 changeling queen13254 pony867012 unicorn277916 3d66261 bionicle314 crossover58655 female1270636 gali21 gmod7108 kakariko village11 lego1812 nintendo3323 the legend of zelda3478 the legend of zelda: ocarina of time229 toa10 video game4614


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