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Here she is, , Lego Churro in all her blocky glory. I won’t lie, I’m not completely satisfied with it, but the improvements I had in mind would require me to nearly destruct the entire thing. The main thing that throws me off is the mane (God, look at that forward facing shot. Only so much you can do with Lego, I suppose). That being said, the hair and tail were definitely the most difficult parts to make, with trying to get the horn to work being a close second.On the bright side, now that I have a pony made, I have a template from which I can make mares (stallions will be another can of worms to open). So, I think next I’ll go for a horse with an easier hairstyle and try to make ‘s Rainy Season. Hopefully the wings won’t give me too much trouble.

UPDATE: Son of a bitch, I forgot the ears. They’ve now been added.


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