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Bugbutt and Lovebutt shenanigans by @Acesential
safe (1425526)artist:acesential (360)princess cadance (28055)queen chrysalis (29183)alicorn (162625)changeling (32231)changeling queen (7702)pony (688162)abuse (5490)box (3591)bully (354)bullying (483)cardboard box (583)chrysabuse (127)dialogue (50484)evil grin (3157)evil laugh (336)female (757024)grin (27916)hoof shoes (2788)mare (333796)missing accessory (6676)monochrome (134286)open mouth (103828)smiling (182566)traditional art (96168)yelling (2484)


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4 comments posted
OtherFritz's avatar
In Treue fest
It must’ve been quite a challenge getting such a big bughorse into such a small box.
Keeping her in there will doubtless present its own issues, assuming she can even get the box to close.
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