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Original phone vector:

suggestive129364 artist:phucknuckl433 artist:tzc402 edit119304 edited screencap57117 screencap205626 applejack159573 rarity170743 costume conundrum304 equestria girls182429 equestria girls series29122 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)12097 anime4781 big breasts70838 breasts244863 busty applejack9116 cellphone2919 cleavage31286 clothes413396 cropped45315 female1163171 food61986 front knot midriff1245 geode of shielding1700 guitar4402 happy27957 implied lesbian3077 implied rarijack413 implied shipping4430 iphone618 magical geodes6905 midriff18222 musical instrument7189 phone5278 raised eyebrows106 shirt21596 smartphone1582 smiling217419 stairs1526 sunset's apartment305 technology176 text51834 wide eyes16071


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Octavias husband~❤
Ohh yes thats so sexy~ Rarity has much more super Hot pictures of Applejack <3 This here is one of them~
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