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HERE WE GO!!! This is the first of many Lego builds I’ll be doing and posting here! To start off, I’ve made the home of the most GRATE and POWERFUL pony of all time.


When deciding to make Trixie’s Wagon, I knew the most important thing to recreate was the transforming function.
The wall must fold down to form a stage, the sides turn out and the roof opens up. I think I did a good job making it work in Lego.
The sides all fit together nicely and it looks good in both forms imo. The little "decorations" on top are detachable so the roof can close fully and they fit inside for clean storage.
The only thing I didn’t do was make some legs for the stage because I couldn’t find a way for them to fold into the side smoothly. But other then that I like it and I hope you do to.

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