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"Limestone is ready to pop. She’s made it the whole 40 Weeks, and her belly has grown huge and heavy with big, healthy, ready-to-be-born babies. There are dozens in there, so she’s been mentally preparing for what could be a very long labor.
She certainly has the hips for the job, though. Her rear has grown wide and fat over the past several months, ensuring that she’s well-equipped to birth the rowdy young who are currently cramped up inside her womb." ~ Forfun41
suggestive (113292)artist:funble (661)limestone pie (4336)anthro (200992)unguligrade anthro (37421)belly (20595)big breasts (56581)breasts (204138)busty limestone pie (296)clothes (356349)female (761853)grayscale (31288)huge breasts (25851)hyper (6531)hyper pregnancy (2151)impossibly large belly (7643)impossibly large breasts (12220)lineart (14292)midriff (16261)monochrome (134599)outie belly button (825)pregnant (11148)sketch (53311)solo (877381)solo female (155018)underwear (49713)


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