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And that's how we start yet another little arc in my Equestria Girls Crossover series!
By throwing someone out of a window!!

safe1599357 artist:crydius151 apple bloom47101 scootaloo49300 sweetie belle46921 oc616047 oc:eldritch26 oc:gamma45 android574 comic:ardent5 equestria girls185117 my little pony: the movie18149 biography36 clothes419290 comic102287 glowing text13 imminent death2302 imminent injury3 jacket11145 leather jacket2975 leather pants50 leather shoes18 looking at you149571 magical hetero spawn12 magical lesbian spawn10529 male338163 no pupils3583 offspring34635 pants12732 parent:oc:crydius26 parent:sci-twi178 parent:sunset shimmer1301 parent:tempest shadow2101 parents:canon x oc1586 parents:crydiusshadow21 parents:scitwishimmer139 scientific lesbian spawn37 shipping186141 smiling220892


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"Today, we're going to be learning what 'defenestration' means. Would anyone like to volunteer to help?"
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