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Gilda, Gallus, and Camp!
That looks weird. Either it is some cheap retro clock she purchased, or a scrap clock that she built (which suggests that she is very smart).
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Background Pony #F292
I agree on the logic that it's from years of abuse. She hits it pretty hard in the short. Who knows how much more violent she's been with it in the past when she was a worse person. Taking out her anger on inanimate objects waking her up.
Background Pony #7C8D
@Background Pony #B6B0
You never seen a Teenagers Room before have you? They don't follow logic; it is however more possible that Sunset is not a Morning Person.

Also "Rope Light" exist, it's popular, sure it's not good lighting; but that never stopped Lava Lamps ether.
Background Pony #8431
I don't think its that she's busted it up, I think its that she salvaged it out of a dumpser or something. Look at how her apartment has christmas lights instead of proper lighting for lights for example.

Sunset's clearly living a low cost lifestyle, what with being a refugee from another dimension with no family and all.
Background Pony #7C8D
This Alarm clock looks like it's been thrown against the wall multiple times.