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This was requested by ThreeAreEss. He/She suggested I draw something of his/her OC when she’s fat, so, I thought of this. My favourite fat pony situation: stuck in a tight spot.
suggestive (112807)artist:jamesawilliams1996 (151)oc (523521)oc:felicity stars (206)oc only (363109)pony (688162)belly (20397)big belly (5993)fat (17581)huge belly (1286)morbidly obese (5945)need to go on a diet (88)need to lose weight (88)obese (8965)stretched cutie mark (193)stuck (1904)the ass was fat (11009)the ass was too fat (152)too fat (78)too fat to fit (52)too fat to get through (35)

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