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Extracurricular Activities.

Commission for Anon.
explicit338624 grimdark29611 artist:smudge proof2033 gallus6476 ocellus5069 sandbar5280 silverstream5914 smolder7541 yona4931 changedling7942 changeling45084 dragon53458 earth pony231201 griffon26048 hippogriff9233 yak4428 anthro249858 unguligrade anthro46188 fall of equestria504 ahegao23652 alcohol6890 arm behind back5662 bdsm6370 black and white12450 blowjob30726 blowna9 bondage32444 breast bondage950 breasts265344 bruised1541 busty silverstream227 busty smolder330 busty yona196 cellphone3231 clothed male nude female1574 clothes442080 commission63404 dildo13566 dildo sitting1458 dominatrix2272 female1320926 femsub10306 gallstream392 grayscale36990 high heels10563 insertion17095 lesbian94007 maid5591 male356977 maledom4451 mind break1311 monochrome146882 mount aris179 nipples158624 nudity356318 ocelbar112 open mouth137159 oral47045 paws4635 penis147244 phone5748 robe3540 rubber suit391 sadism153 sex115991 shipping193889 shoes34343 singing6128 sitting60256 smartphone1779 smug5701 socks63745 spanking2615 straight131747 student six1575 student six omniship10 submissive15976 sybian118 thigh highs34174 underass2358 yonabar319


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Changeling Guard-Consort
Dominatrix sadist Ocellus and maid Smolder? This pic gives me life.

A+ work all around on this pic! Collars but none of the gross stuff, this is how FoE should be. I need to see more of the Students in this setting!
Background Pony #4B4A
@Background Pony #8558
In the back? Gallus had Silverstream ask her aunt about the defences of seaquestria and they painted it on a map and now gallus is rewarding Silverstream for being a good little traitor lol
Schorl Tourmaline

We are far past this concern, and there was a point where it wasn't on there. While logic would believe that the artist would have put that tag on the image on upload, that wasn't the case (Smudge probably just forgot), and with all the "not very FOE" imagery, I understandably made a mistake. That mistake has been corrected, so now none of that is important.
Background Pony #31CD
It's all the power she can get in her situation. She'll always be at the bottom, but at least she can feel like she's above the other bitches.
Background Pony #4B4A
@Schorl Tourmaline
Just a fun piece not tied to any deeper lore, could make a story around it but like you said its not super tied to any existing story so more a fun what-if, like they were all destined to become friends like the mane six lol
The students are adorable and smudge did a great job with the pic especially the expressions, love all of them