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Meet Thrash Fire :3

Thrash Fire is the lead singer of a death metal band. She has a very angry and loud voice, and on stage she has a very violent, edgy and aggressive attitude. 

However off-stage, she is actually really goofy and silly. Her on-stage persona is just her putting on an act, and she’s a rather kind mare when offstage. A lot of ponies are confused to see how wildly different she is on and off stage XD

She is also the older sister of Passionate Amber, and she likes to help her out with her music sometimes.

She is also a natural ginger, she just dyes her hair black to better fit her image.
safe (1428027)artist:doyouarehavestupid (2)oc (524675)oc only (363925)oc:thrash fire (3)earth pony (147934)pony (697190)boots (16024)choker (7212)cigarette (2967)clothes (355332)ear piercing (16865)earring (14332)eyes closed (67896)eyeshadow (10468)female (759130)fingerless gloves (3319)gloves (14277)headband (2324)high heel boots (4429)jacket (8744)jewelry (38962)leather jacket (2506)lipstick (8081)makeup (14068)mare (334695)piercing (28338)red and black oc (1311)running makeup (1684)shoes (24035)simple background (290482)smoking (3386)socks (49089)solo (875290)spiked choker (963)spiked wristband (856)stockings (25343)thigh highs (23500)transparent background (151691)wristband (2420)


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