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So for something completely different, here's a bunch of flag designs I came up with over the course of maybe a year or so, and I just didn't really have a good idea how to share them. Still don't think it's great, but this way they're all put together and I'm not spamming a ton of uploads or anything like that, and I tried to make it look like something that might reasonably come from Hasbro. Of course flags that existed I already used, and for canon countries or groups I at least tried to find symbols or colors that could serve as a flag of some sort and I referenced real-life flags for a lot of them. And now, some random trivia about some of them because I'm fairly proud of most of the designs :D

- The Mothponies and the Bat Ponies use nearly identical-looking flags because I imagine them acting fairly similar

- I gave the Hippogriffs and Seaponies separate flags since I figure they would have had a Hippogriffia flag before they were driven underwater by the Storm King and became Seaponies, which they'd then have brought back for tradition's sake even though they're likely the same country in-canon

- Speaking of, I have it so the canon seaponies and the more seahorse-like ones I draw are two separate species who, despite being allies and at least on good terms with Equestria, dislike each other.

- The Kirin one is based on the shield Twilight has in the beginning of The Sounds of Silence.

- The Lamia flag is actually a proposed flag design for Malaysia in real life, which I used since I modelled their country after Malaysia.

- The Tatzlponies live underground, so their "territory" is actually technically in Equestria.

- Object Ponies on the other hand don't have a country since they live in Equestria with ponies (or humans), but they do have a government of their own.

- Changelings I figure wouldn't have flags since their whole thing is disguising

- I made Zebras neutral since we've only ever seen Zecora, so I figured the rest of them don't have much to do with Equestria.

- Yakyakistan's flag is basically Pakistan's, and I figured they'd be neutral instead of allies simply because of their stubbornness

- So Snake Ponies are an entirely different species than Lamias, and while they're no less friendly their queen attending that summit is the first time they've ever had any official contact with Equestria.

- So the Dark Realm is where I imagine the Pony of Shadows came from, and also where the Nightmare, this ghost, the shadow slime, and Luna's cloak all came from as well. For the most part though beings from that realm are dangerous and aggressive, and those four are among the few exceptions.

- Eventide I literally made up on a whim as the "enemy nation" that these three and this nutcase work for, and where the Villain's Guild hides out. I gave it no thought beyond that.

- Tartarus I imagine is an entire netherworld that remains entirely unexplored save for the one small area where Equestria imprisons villains. All they really know about Tartarus is it's where Incubi / Succubi and Akanames come from.

- Paraquestria of course is a complete mystery and all they know is occasionally strange monster-versions of ponies manage to invade Equestria

- And lastly, I only made a flag for Ahuizotl's forces since I literally needed one final flag to fill out the square :P

That said, I know I've done a LOT more original species, but I figured I'd only include the ones that would have some manner of government or country and that would have some kind of known political relationship with Equestria, be it good, bad, neutral, or a mystery. Like, Goo Ponies are allies of Equestria but they have no country or hierarchy or anything like that :D
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@Background Pony #3575

I rechecked my definitions, and you’re correct, as the leaders of the Crystal City-State are connected to the Equestrian leadership, thus denoting more of a vassal relationship than a suzerain.
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Pretty cool OP, though personally I feel that the Crystal Empire City-State is more of an Equestrian suzerain than an ally.
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Thanks! :D

Not sure. I didn't come up with one since this is a modern-day thing so her forces wouldn't exist anymore :D

Thanks! :D

@Background Pony #3575
I sort of combined them. With a name like "Yakistan" I pretty much had to use Pakistan's flag as a base:

But instead of the crescent moon I used a Tibetan-looking pair of horns. For the most part I just picked colors that I felt suited them or were found in screenshots of their countries :D

Go ahead :D

It's more because of their aloofness and isolation than anything else. They just prefer to keep to themselves. Besides, as early as Season 8 they were still willing to threaten war at the drop of a hat :D

@Background Pony #AB77
Like an Ewok forest village kind of thing with skunk ponies everywhere :D

Maybe not a "country" per se, but his forces control, govern, and defend a territory :D
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i wonder does chrysalis gonna have some fun whit thick tentacles owo i will be so great to see
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Pretty soft for a Sony.
I wanna visit the Republic of the Zebras.

BTW can anyone imagine one of those strategy war/political sim type games based off of this?
Background Pony #7547
… disappointing.
I was hoping to see Thestralia. Kingdom of Fruit-Bat Ponies
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

So, more fanfic resource? That sounds a big yes from me.

I wish there's a mod for a game (especially 4X strategy genre) based on this.

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Huh. Would've thought the dragons and yaks would be allies with Equestria, but then again… they can be temperamental.
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I’ve thought about the actual hippocampus and seaponies disliking the hippogriffs because they used magic to turn themselves into hippocampi and then proceeded to call themselves seaponies. And that’s like speciesism man