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Princess Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry. And I mean the Flash Sentry she made friends with, and almost kissed last time they met. I like to pretend the fanart otherwise speaks for itself here.  

I commissioned this work of art. It was done by Cuttledreams. 

MLP:FIM copyright Hasbro 

For the sake of my wallet and my retirement fund, this is the last commission I am likely to ever give CuttleDreams. 
suggestive (112954)artist:cuttledreams (17)flash sentry (10943)twilight sparkle (260104)alicorn (163139)anthro (200400)centaur (1863)human (130645)pegasus (187594)equestria girls (159441)alicornified (3661)armor (18752)armpits (35518)big crown thingy (1961)breasts (203206)cleavage (27282)cutie mark (33855)element of magic (1479)female (758664)flashlight (2370)guitar (3878)implied nudity (362)jewelry (38913)male (257479)mirror portal (53)musical instrument (5824)prince flash sentry (15)race swap (10843)regalia (12232)shipping (164170)smiling (182892)straight (109306)tiara (2348)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101847)


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