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this was a commission and i have no plans on having it be printed. please do not ask, thanks!
suggestive (112792)artist:pearlyiridescence (689)oc (523458)oc:cream heart (1811)oc only (363093)earth pony (147343)pony (688061)bedroom eyes (44272)both cutie marks (8081)butt (9115)creambutt (26)cutie mark (33803)dock (37837)female (756911)heart eyes (11587)looking at you (120043)looking back (41669)looking back at you (7470)mare (333726)milf (6695)mother (1959)mousepad (136)open mouth (103818)oppai mousepad (58)plot (64771)prone (20412)sexy (18367)smiling (182549)solo (873788)solo female (154621)stupid sexy cream heart (51)the ass was fat (11009)wingding eyes (15895)

not provided yet


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I totally get that. I’m also sure you don’t make a heaping amount of money on those mousepads in the first place, to some kind of profit split. I’m just saying if the OC’s creator approved of such a thing that would be bitching. Cream Heart and Milky Way are two of the best OC.
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i just don’t feel comfortable selling merchandise of someone else’s OC. that’s my primary reason for not wanting to pursue a printing, even though the client asked if i could. a one-time commission is different imo.
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