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This was a little something I drew for submission for the Ponycon UK conbook, but wasn’t able to send it to them in time… That and I was sorta too scared to submit it.

Derpy and her daughter Dinky swimming around in the ocean, both of them turned into both versions of seaponies: the classic seapony and the gen 4 seapony.
Then some cute dolphins for some extra sea life. A kelp forest as a background because they look kind of beautiful to me.
I did another version but replacing Dinky with the Ponycon UK mascot Britannia (the version I would have also submitted) uploaded to my Sta.sh on DeviantArt.

I hope you all like it! ^^
safe (1429510)artist:serenepony (48)derpy hooves (45897)dinky hooves (4042)dolphin (315)sea pony (1594)seapony (g4) (3226)bubble (3658)cute (148609)derpabetes (1711)dinkabetes (179)equestria's best daughter (180)equestria's best mother (612)female (760312)kelp forest (3)mother and daughter (4196)ocean (4527)seaponified (1749)seapony derpy (9)seaweed (271)species swap (15774)underwater (3873)


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Background Pony #CCB5
Swimming to the seafoals


On my day, till the summer ends over there. Baby, you should call the seaponies and the seafillies! One last of my filly, her name is Applecore. I think the cutie mark crusaders will call Dinky Doo! Pinchy was almost swim like this on the morning I still, have Peachy Fuzz! Take my transformer and turn into a sea pony and Ruby Pinch loves Dinky Doo!
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