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safe1583934 artist:pia-sama1518 spike74363 oc607368 oc:stone quartz10 oc:violent hellsinger the 4th11 dragon48776 anthro233137 comic:rogue diamond429 anthro oc28093 big breasts70918 breasts245057 comic101219 crossed arms4314 dragoness6920 eyes closed81130 female1181035 gigachad spike591 gilf469 milf8399 monochrome142827 older23360 older spike4541 smiling217575 speech bubble20495 tsundere2638


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Background Pony #FE32

I mean, it never made sense why people would be wearing clothes in these situations. How can they perceive clothes, things that aren't natural?


Our boy's dumb.

@Dirty Bit

When the number bitch kills or severely injures him


"Violent, no!"

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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I wonder, how does Spike know these two dragons are related to hm at all? Yes they told him they're his father and grandmother, but anyone can say anything.
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Background Pony #A34F
They're in the dream realm the world between life and death. Of course they're going to appear without clothing since it is the natural state of the body.
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