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Base by Trickate

thinking on revive the good rarijack that i love help
I mean i love capperity a lot too bc furry cat but rarijack is great too;; and i like the idea of capper and aj fighting over bc about capper "job" and aj being the element of honesty just criticizing him is just ksksjhkhkk also yeah i'm gonna make rarity a dude in my ng, nobody can stop me now fight meeee

so the boys are Twilight, Aj, Elusive (ftm) and Pinkie (ftm)
also twi is tired like hell about his son, save blazee
safe (1485992) artist:neythancake (4) applejack (152493) fluttershy (189936) pinkie pie (194810) rarity (162433) trixie (58538) twilight sparkle (269587) pony (764507) applejack (male) (990) applelusive (27) bubble berry (1411) butterscotch (1665) cute (159863) diapinkes (7698) diatrixes (2492) dusk shine (2115) elusive (1118) female (810733) flutterpie (1310) gay (23776) half r63 shipping (1540) jackabetes (4625) male (276102) raribetes (4118) rarijack (6281) rule 63 (23747) shipping (171938) shyabetes (10269) straight (113818) trans boy (185) transgender (1331) trixshine (51) twiabetes (9058) twixie (4672)


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