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Base by Trickate

thinking on revive the good rarijack that i love help
I mean i love capperity a lot too bc furry cat but rarijack is great too;; and i like the idea of capper and aj fighting over bc about capper "job" and aj being the element of honesty just criticizing him is just ksksjhkhkk also yeah i'm gonna make rarity a dude in my ng, nobody can stop me now fight meeee

so the boys are Twilight, Aj, Elusive (ftm) and Pinkie (ftm)
also twi is tired like hell about his son, save blazee
safe1636013 artist:neythancake5 applejack164270 fluttershy205285 pinkie pie209570 rarity175639 trixie64858 twilight sparkle291270 pony901134 adoraberry42 applejack (male)1046 applelusive28 bubble berry1532 cute189114 diapinkes9306 diatrixes3003 dusk shine2299 duskabetes52 elusive1174 elusweet19 female1302127 gay26024 half r63 shipping1866 jackabetes5549 lesbian92851 male350024 raribetes5007 rarijack6798 rule 6325797 rule63betes641 shipping191124 shyabetes12713 straight129687 trans male224 transgender1610 trixshine50 twiabetes11072 twixie5007


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