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Alrighty! Here’s a draft of everything I sketched so far. I tried to fit in as many as I could and I’ll try to fit in some more tomorrow when I go to finish up a bunch of these.

Anyway, ideas from left to right: Dizz being careful with her still sharp teefs, a puppo getting used to being inflatable for the first time, a devious inflatodevil, a super squeakified princess, a pooltoy ring TF, a very distressed myuphrid, shiny boops, A pair getting turned into an inflatable Brionne and an inflatable ball for them to bounce on, and an inflatable pillow, phew.
safe (1427777)artist:helixjack (188)oc (524543)oc only (363503)oc:pretty princess (6)anthro (200414)earth pony (147864)inflatable pony (272)pony (695271)anthro with ponies (1738)boop (6185)bust (31229)devil (400)devil horns (314)disembodied hand (2111)eye clipping through hair (2377)furry (3581)glasses (46946)hand (6779)inanimate tf (1179)inflatable (1513)latex (8568)latex pony (139)latex suit (2190)lineart (14267)onomatopoeia (2184)pitchfork (198)pool toy (483)rubber (1109)simple background (290418)sketch (53206)squeak (160)transformation (8083)white background (72069)


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