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safe1638978 screencap213705 applejack164532 fluttershy205619 pinkie pie209882 rainbow dash226532 rarity175905 spike76637 storm king1157 tempest shadow16341 twilight sparkle291691 alicorn211026 dragon52156 earth pony223983 pegasus265917 pony904741 unicorn295320 yeti296 my little pony: the movie18475 antagonist1518 armor22697 broken horn13445 bulging eyes27 canterlot castle2034 canterlot throne room173 claws4790 crown15489 faic11765 fangs23427 female1304783 floppy ears48888 friendship cannonball2 glow4130 helmet10237 horn55737 horns5394 jewelry57148 magic69716 mane six30841 mare449571 oof87 pain1821 pony cannonball157 regalia18133 staff2846 staff of sacanas374 stained glass1153 storm746 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119913 wind1129


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