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I finally finished!!!
I hate this cell phone, it ruined my color.
And I’m too lazy to speak English↓
safe (1426281)artist:mkd (19)chancellor neighsay (524)cozy glow (4111)discord (26638)grogar (949)king sombra (11671)nightmare moon (14980)pony of shadows (355)queen chrysalis (29219)starlight glimmer (37884)stygian (562)alicorn (162830)anthro (200267)changeling (32266)human (130526)pegasus (187254)sheep (1014)unicorn (202311)angry (19935)antagonist (1161)cake (7912)cheese (624)clothes (354812)equal sign (129)flag (3013)flying (29780)food (50940)g4 (1033)humanized (87952)ram (472)simple background (290092)smiley face (548)suprised look (23)

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Background Pony #10D9
So The Storm King doesn’t qualify as a major villain but somehow Chancellor Neighsay makes the cut?
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