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I finally finished!!!
I hate this cell phone, it ruined my color.
And I'm too lazy to speak English↓
safe1583960 artist:mkd22 chancellor neighsay585 cozy glow6259 discord28839 grogar1267 king sombra12779 nightmare moon15887 pony of shadows427 queen chrysalis32656 starlight glimmer44525 stygian693 alicorn199059 changeling41147 human144188 pegasus246417 sheep1324 unicorn272914 anthro233139 angry24348 antagonist1356 cake8947 cheese699 clothes413688 equal sign153 flag3483 flying34687 food62028 g41259 humanized95134 ram613 simple background348115 smiley face945 suprised look93


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Background Pony #5FA7
So The Storm King doesn't qualify as a major villain but somehow Chancellor Neighsay makes the cut?
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