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…: Blacktorch – Reference Art :…

The story is here if you are interested

"How does one know when they go too far? the answer is simple, you can't go too far"

Unlike all other terminators, Blacktorch is actually a founder of the Terminator program. It was Blacktorch that first introduced dark magic to its subjects, It was Blacktorch that gave the final say on their commanders and it was Blacktorch who took ownership of its advanced magic research.

Blacktorchs past was well erased by him, what reasons for his decision are unknown. While Blacktorch was a founder for the program, his desire to discover and use new forms of magic lead him onto the battlefield. It was during this time that Blacktorch found a way to replicate dark magic and use it in his own spells and potions.

Previous examples of incorrect use of dark magic were well known to Blacktorch, the most recent case was that of Sombra. Not willing to compromise the terminators yet still devoted to improving the terminators Blacktorch came to a compromise. By introducing dark magic slowly to the subjects while teaching them obedience and loyalty had almost completely removed the risk of an out of control dark magic-user.

While Blacktorch would never admit it, his own magic which was improved by dark magic could rival the two sisters in power. Blacktorch had developed several books of magic with most centered around dark magic, this allowed the terminators to use his spells to great effect, although, none came close to his skill and few knew of his most powerful spells.

What if Blacktorch survived the war? What could his magic do to the world?

who knows


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