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hhhhh oh boy

it’s crackship time babies!! this isn’t canon, just some fun shipping shenanigans, but,, hhh they’re so cute together. also, I wanted to draw sundance again since it’s been forever and I wanted to see how she would translate to my new style!

so like I said, this is a crackship and not canon but like.. you might see me draw it more than once because I love them together a lot ahslfjhasflj. fruit punch will probably end up with rocky road and eztli in canon! and sundance might end up with someone?? but like. don’t be surprised if sometime in the future I change that and these two become canon because I love them so much ahsljfhaslj
safe (1425527)artist:geisharozu (48)oc (523523)oc:fruit punch (6)oc only (363109)oc:sundance (54)hybrid (11756)pegasus (187070)pony (688163)boop (6180)interspecies offspring (5276)noseboop (2299)offspring (28698)parent:discord (2380)parent:princess celestia (1587)parents:dislestia (714)parent:sky stinger (59)parents:vaporsky (49)parent:vapor trail (85)


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