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safe1613647 artist:ritalux71 applejack162412 fluttershy202798 pinkie pie207259 rainbow dash223830 rarity173561 sci-twi22448 sunset shimmer58827 twilight sparkle288012 equestria girls187203 equestria girls series30131 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)12551 alternate hairstyle25631 discussion in the comments697 equestria girls logo774 hatless1892 humane five2974 humane seven2221 humane six2837 loose hair1736 missing accessory7638 music festival outfit632 new outfit67 official7169 official art306 ponied up4927 stock vector1034


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@Background Pony #204F

Are you telling me that I am not aware of what I see and say?!, Ok, to start I am not "blind", but I do not say that "I am right" about what I said, it is simply my opinion of what I see, as well as you give your opinion about it and I am not telling you that you are blind.

Second, you mention the Festival Looks, I would like to see a Link where that supposed line is mentioned that I do not remember hearing it before, but I hope it is not about the special of Rarity and Applejack in Equestria Land that was the last thing there was of the doll line with Reference to some event (right now the line that this is the Fashion Squad).
Background Pony #08B4
Not you everyone knows dolls outfits it been that way for years those festival looks dolls would have been released right now
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@Background Pony #204F
@Background Pony #E284

Sorry but no.

The artwork shown here shows quite different outfits, definitely different from those shown in the Sunset special, and also different from the unused ones seen in the other artwork shown by @Eclipsed Flame, for the same Sunset special.

To start, if we observed carefully, except for Sunset and Rainbow; all outfits show more a style "similar" to their first "outfits", it's say, a top and a botton, and only by Pinkie we can see that they do not wear the "big" boots they used.

In the case of Sunset Special Outfits, some of them wear pants and shorts, in fact, Twilight does not wear a skirt and Rarity is a 1 piece (top and skirt) plus pants; They are really very different, very differents, therefore, this Artwork we talked about is for something else, What is?, I don't know, nobody knows, only Hasbro and those who designed the artwork; but yes, this Arkwork for nothing concerning the Sunset special.
Eclipsed Flame

Twilight — Light blue top
Rarity — Blue pants with cutie mark designs, purple top
Fluttershy — pink top, turquoise bottom
Applejack — Jean material jacket, white skirt with apple accents
Rainbow Dash — Ponytail, Primarily blue jacket
Pinkie — Pastel balloons design on clothing,
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Background Pony #F12F
@Darth Shy
@Background Pony #204F

Actually, some of the background ponies have right. The festival outfits that appear in the animated shorts/special are tie-ins of these dolls designs. If you have looked the leaked email regarding the EG’s music festival costumes, you will realize the right side artwork from the Sunset and Pinkie concept images has a more similar attire to the animated one and the same art style as the first image from this page, which is concept art for the first digital series dolls, implying that a new doll wave was being planned since then and that they were originally supposed to be more accurate to the animated festival designs, but changed with simpler attires at the last minute for unknown reasons.

However, this isn’t a big surprise, guys; it has happened before. Just look at Midnight Sparkle animated and doll designs and compare:
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Memer and adventurer
These do look new, honestly. I have no idea if they actually are or not, some, like 457F think they aren't, quite a few others believe they are. But, they do not look like the outfits from Backstage Pass at all.
As for EQG, a new special is already confirmed that is not being worked on by Nick Confalone or Katrina, so it looks like EQG is continuing under a new team. So this could easily be tied to a new special, season, or even just a revamp to EQG. Pretty exciting that we seem to be so close to some big pony announcements!!
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Wow !! New Outfits !! What a thrill!!!!.

Ok, a new artwork is supposed to indicate a new "season" in toys (not necessarily in the animated series), therefore, and as it looks like it "officially" came out, we will most likely see a new line of Dolls from Equestria Girls ( I hope so, I look forward to it.)

Adding this, then yes, a new season and the following specials would already be on way.
But of course only one important thing is missing, the official announcement by Hasbro, with that, it would define the situation of Equestria Girls; I hope keep going !! .
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