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safe (1409291)artist:candyclumsy (264)oc (516192)oc:king speedy hooves (130)oc:queen galaxia (143)oc:tommy the human (146)comic:attempt on an alicorn (29)adorable face (801)alicorn (159143)alicorn oc (17433)bandages on wrist (12)canterlot (3837)colt (10978)comic (87848)commissioner:bigonionbean (410)cute (144436)dawwww (258)door opening (6)female (742836)flying (29177)fusion (3421)fusion:king speedy hooves (131)fusion:queen galaxia (111)hospital (1264)hug (22206)hugs needed (75)husband and wife (817)iv bag (8)male (251733)pegasus (182188)pony (674346)royal guard (6330)sketch (52602)sleeping (18967)


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