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Dreams and aspirations, we all have them.

Here we have me and my friend Twi Clown’s OCs dreaming about our goals. Myoozik’s is about becoming one of the greatest musicians of all time and achieving fame while Twi Clown’s is about ruling the world and having it under her command. Pretty simple goals, right? :P

Art by me
Myoozik The Dragon belongs to me
Twi Clown belongs to Twi Clown
safe (1443710)artist:ilovemyoozik (25)derpibooru exclusive (20629)starlight glimmer (38784)trixie (56778)oc (532106)oc:myoozik the dragon (17)oc only (367318)oc:twi clown (7)dragon (38958)pony (711757)unicorn (209753)brown eyes (308)business suit (280)certification (1)clone (1516)clothes (361175)clown (536)clown makeup (61)cutie mark (34503)cutie mark on clothes (633)dragon oc (525)equestria (443)evil smirk (21)fame (4)female (773595)glasses (47634)goal (50)gold record (4)hat (66007)magazine (817)male (262469)mare (343772)number one (16)photo (66916)planet (941)plaque (31)purple eyes (1386)raised hoof (32537)red nose (296)ruler (286)shirt (17503)simple background (294773)sketchbook (248)smiling (186005)spotlight (1060)stars (11606)suit (4371)thinking (1414)thought bubble (2529)top hat (3245)traditional art (98930)walk of fame (5)

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