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safe (1430170)artist:candyclumsy (286)oc (525630)oc:candy clumsy (25)oc:tommy the human (149)alicorn (163803)monster pony (2183)pegasus (188327)pony (698859)comic:attempt on an alicorn (29)alicorn oc (17824)angry (20035)canterlot (3972)comic (89643)commissioner:bigonionbean (480)compromise (9)corrupted (2181)crying (35804)denial (272)inner demons (41)internal (3311)mind break (1164)sad (20605)sketch (53278)thoughts (10)vision (51)writer:bigonionbean (299)


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Wallet After Summer Sale

Emu War veteran..
In the previous page, she heard the colt cry for help. Her mind assumed the worst at the moment, thinking what may happen can she not rescue or help him. All the while she compromises with her inner demons to work together.
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