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~~~~~~~~ Solar: Who the heck are you? Gala: My names Gala Blossom.. What's your names? Solar: .. Solar Flare, and uh.. this is Fire Starter Gala: It's nice to meet you two! Solar: Yeah.. ok then. Is there, um, something you needed? Gala: No? I just wanted to say hi.. FireStar: That's odd of you. Gala: I'm just being friendly? Solar: Well that's nice of you and all; but, uh, Star and I kind of have a thing to go to, soo.. Gala: Oh, ok, I'll leave you two alone then. FireStar: Really? It was that easy? Gala: What was? Solar: You know, you're kind of a doormat. Gala: I am? What does that mean? Solar/FireStar *stares at her and sighs* Nevermind. -------- Oh look, Gala is back because its a series based on them all being fillies. Fancy that
safe (1526214) artist:ipandacakes (457) oc (575422) oc only (394473) oc:fire starter (4) oc:gala blossom (10) oc:solar flare (111) earth pony (180879) pegasus (222816) pony (801164) unicorn (244687) bow (22627) female (851059) filly (56902) hair bow (12271) offspring (32144) parent:big macintosh (2431) parent:cheerilee (345) parent:fast clip (3) parent:fire streak (83) parent:spitfire (346) parent:sunset shimmer (1278) parents:cheerimac (254) parents:sunsetstreak (48) simple background (325948) transparent background (170036)


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