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Good Morning!
Muffin is super excited when the only pony with the same energy, Skye Painter, comes back to Ponyville.
Fluttershy X Big Mac – Lilly
Applejack X Caramel – Golden Caramel
Rainbow Dash X Soarin – Skye Painter
Pinkie Pie X Cheese Sandwich – Muffin
Sunset Shimmer X Flash Sentry – Fire Wisp
Rarity X Spike – Jewell
Twilight Sparkle X Comet Tail – Star Swish
Base: www.deviantart.com/tech-kitten…
safe (1410886)artist:tech-kitten (8)artist:wispyaxolotl (21)oc (516994)oc:fire wisp (7)oc:golden caramel (4)oc:jewel (86)oc:lilly (54)oc:muffin (23)oc only (359774)oc:skye painter (3)oc:star wish (2)base used (10049)bow (18829)dracony (4542)earth pony (142929)female (744528)filly (49354)freckles (19972)hair bow (10008)hybrid (11506)interspecies offspring (5205)next generation (4981)not applejack (95)offspring (28312)parent:applejack (2699)parent:big macintosh (2078)parent:caramel (582)parent:cheese sandwich (1363)parent:comet tail (135)parent:flash sentry (2170)parent:fluttershy (3327)parent:pinkie pie (3057)parent:rainbow dash (4235)parent:rarity (2988)parents:carajack (542)parents:cheesepie (1176)parents:cometlight (106)parents:flashimmer (173)parents:fluttermac (825)parent:soarin' (1889)parent:spike (1736)parents:soarindash (1429)parents:sparity (1073)parent:sunset shimmer (1155)parent:twilight sparkle (6080)pegasus (182704)pony (676147)unicorn (196669)


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