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I did this just in case if anyone asks for wings. Also I did this because I feel like doing the wings. Although Megapony 2 hasn’t released yet but I managed to get the wing sprites ready.

It was a real pain on the neck about doing wings. At least I managed to do it.
And yeah I put it on sceperate sprites so that way it’s easier.

Here’s the original wingless version of Spike, Smolder and Princess Ember that I did yesterday:
safe (1410731)artist:tarkan809 (65)princess ember (5022)smolder (4772)spike (67218)8-bit (239)dragon (36183)dragoness (5193)female (744406)male (252268)megaman (1018)megapony (151)megapony ii (3)nintendo entertainment system (331)pixel art (7996)sprite sheet (91)style emulation (3321)trio (5856)winged spike (5104)wings (51080)

not provided yet


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