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Y sigo aumentando el Bestiario D&D de bajo presupuesto, ahora con un Discord que nadie esperaba ver tras unas visitas al gimnasio (aunque me han dicho que Fluttershy lo ansiaba con locura… quizas todos esos fan fics de ellos dos no estaban tan errados).

Ideal para Emboscadas, Peleas Épicas, Misiones, Campañas (y si, Despedidas de Solteras)

And I continue to increase the D&D Bestiary of low budget, now with a Discord that nobody expected to see after a visit to the gym (although I have been told that Fluttershy craved it madly … maybe all those fan fics of them two were not so wrong) .

Ideal for Ambushes, Epic Fights, Missions, Campaigns (and yes, Bridal Shower)
safe1614658 artist:grotezco122 discord29468 clothes425593 cutout215 ear piercing23126 earring18934 epic fantasy1 evil smirk63 gloves18209 jewelry55194 looking at you152419 mace209 medieval146 miniature314 muscles10698 paperboard1 piercing36930 roleplaying512 scar10846 standing upright29 strategy game4 weapon28404


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(additional note: Discord does not hold a hammer
but a medieval mace, but I don't care,
good name game the one you did)

If you know of your friends who do RPG with miniatures,
recommend them what I have done, they will surely
work for them … and don't let me know.
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