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'A doodle of what I think Grogar might look like in the Equestria Girls universe. Here I could see him being the Scrooge-like slumlord of Canterlot's decaying Dickensian historical district, called Tambelon. Not much is known of Grogar except that he's ill-tempered and extremely old. If your asked the oldest person in Canterlot, they'd say that Grogar was an old man before they were born. It is said that an ancestor of his founded the town that would become Canterlot, originally named Tambelon. There are indeed records in city hall that show this ancestor existed, but it's unknown how Grogar could be related to him as the founder never took a wife or had children. Many jokingly say that he might be the original founder given his great age.

Recently a failed home invasion landed him with three lackeys; Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow. How he intends to use them remains to be seen…'


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