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So that new pony voiced by Kira Tozer………..

Ugly Meme for the night
safe (1425316)edit (97640)edited screencap (44071)screencap (173738)daybreaker (2059)fire flare (51)flim (2017)goldie delicious (321)lyra heartstrings (26059)nightmare moon (14972)queen chrysalis (29175)thorax (3532)changedling (5803)changeling (32222)dog (7395)gecko (94)hedgehog (210)mongoose (43)monkey (235)panda (194)skunk (391)the summer sun setback (519)spoiler:s09e17 (519)animal (2293)blythe baxter (97)everywhere i go i see his face (2)female (756876)king thorax (2214)littlest pet shop (666)lps (4)male (256660)meme (73329)minka mark (84)penny ling (74)pepper clark (96)peter parker (566)russell ferguson (73)solo (873782)spiderman far from home (2)sunil nevla (97)vinnie terrio (56)voice actor joke (1681)zoe trent (283)

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I'm not famous.
Kira Tozer as Fire Flare and Minka Mark
Kyle Rideout as Thorax and Vinnie Terrio
Peter New as Goldie Delicious and Sunil Nevla
Sam Vincent as Flim and Russel Ferguson
Ashleigh Ball as Lyra Heartstrings and Blythe Baxter
Tabitha St. Germain as Nightmare Moon and Pepper Clark
Nicole Oliver as Daybreaker and Zoe Trent
Kathleen Barr as Queen Chrysalis and Mrs. Twombly (not pictured)
Jocelyne Loewen as [no pony] and Penny Ling

Get Jocelyne Loewen on the show!
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Awesome dude
The joke i that all those pony characters are the actors from Littlest Pet Shop. But we are missing Penny Ling’s voice actress, so the joke is not complete.
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