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safe1586337 artist:littlemissrose-yt5 applejack159833 big macintosh26710 cheese sandwich3658 fancypants1789 flash sentry11941 fluttershy199719 pinkie pie204375 rainbow dash220891 rarity171080 soarin'13346 spike74449 twilight sparkle283762 alicorn199547 dragon48917 pony856529 alternate hairstyle24811 applespike758 base used16066 carousel boutique1914 cheesepie1195 colored pupils8757 facial hair5077 female1192972 flashlight2563 fluttermac2679 fluttershy's cottage1244 hay bale1005 male326234 mane seven5930 mane six29679 moustache2781 older23410 older spike4546 ponytail15956 rainbow dash's house284 raripants270 shipping184538 soarindash4597 straight122321 sugarcube corner2067 sweet apple acres2635 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116200 twilight's castle3347 winged spike7422


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Maybe it's just me, but I swear the colored pupils give me a very 'Chrysalis controlling hypnotized Shining Armor' vibe from them. Like half the ponies here are evil changelings in disguise.
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