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safe (1413320)artist:littlemissrose-yt (5)applejack (146193)big macintosh (24851)cheese sandwich (2993)fancypants (1617)flash sentry (10803)fluttershy (182263)pinkie pie (187340)rainbow dash (201982)rarity (155983)soarin' (12431)spike (67379)twilight sparkle (257504)alicorn (159899)alternate hairstyle (20873)applespike (679)base used (10111)carousel boutique (1531)cheesepie (953)colored pupils (7442)dragon (36413)facial hair (3800)female (746720)flashlight (2344)fluttermac (2446)fluttershy's cottage (1004)hay bale (777)male (253171)moustache (2480)older (17512)older spike (3497)pony (677903)ponytail (12944)rainbow dash's house (231)raripants (246)shipping (162105)soarindash (4312)straight (108092)sugarcube corner (1661)sweet apple acres (2090)twilight's castle (2768)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (100290)winged spike (5140)


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Maybe it’s just me, but I swear the colored pupils give me a very ’Chrysalis controlling hypnotized Shining Armor’ vibe from them. Like half the ponies here are evil changelings in disguise.
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