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I'm getting tired of these undeserved reformations! Caballeron has it worst here!
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Why not? I mean, as far as everyone else is concerned — everyone to whom it's all fiction — Daring Do is AK Yearling's creation, so this Groom QQ Martingale is violating her trademark by profiting off her intellectual property.
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Hell, Svengallop just sulked in Las Pegasus in S6 and S8 cameos, after his debut, having had his reputation presumably ruined from word spreading.

He's no threat at all.

The likes of Suri Polomare (no repeat appearances) and Wind Rider aren't dangerous either, because they probably won't kill you.

Lightning Dust is a sociopath, but she's not actively malicious, most of the time (endangering Scootaloo with a reckless stunt was probably somewhat done to spite Rainbow Dash).

So yeah, flawed assessments are on that list.
Background Pony #C54C
Unreformed antagonists list (includes both best villains and worst ponies):
Flim and Flam → Quite dangerous
Iron Will → Not very dangerous
Queen Chrysalis → Very dangerous
King Sombra → Very dangerous
Lightning Dust → Quite dangerous
Suri Polomare → Quite dangerous
Lord Tirek → Very dangerous
Wind Rider → Quite dangerous
Spoilered, Tiara's Mom → Not very dangerous
Svengallop → Quite dangerous
Zesty → Quite dangerous
Sludge → Not very dangerous
Cozy Glow → Very dangerous

Storm King → Very dangerous

So, villain reformation has only done to half of all the antagonists, duh.
Background Pony #C54C
Reformed Antagonists list:
Nightmare Moon / Luna → reformed by Twilight Sparkle
Trixie → reformed by Twilight Sparkle
Discord → reformed by Fluttershy and then Twilight Sparkle after a betrayal
Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon → reformed by Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo
Gilda → reformed by Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash
Starlight Glimmer → reformed by Twilight Sparkle
Thorax → reformed by Spike
All the changelings but the former queen → reformed by Thorax and Starlight Glimmer
Pony of Shadow's puppet, Stygian → reformed by Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer
Neighsay → reformed by Student Six, especially Yona whom released him
Garble → reformed by Fluttershy and Spike
Dr Caballeron and his minions → reformed by Fluttershy
Ahuizotl → reformed by Fluttershy

Twilight has the most record of reforming villains, Fluttershy is at second place.
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nobody's favorite
Meh, after they did it to Discord, everyone else seems like small potatoes by comparison.

Caballeron has it worst here!

In all fairness, Caballeron never said he'd stop stealing things, just that he wouldn't steal things from within a certain geographical region. I think it's Ahuizotl who got hit hardest by this one.