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safe1601653 artist:typhwosion475 applejack161403 rarity172571 earth pony211239 pony870253 unicorn279525 alternate hairstyle25280 bandana4899 clothes420166 cute183855 dress40628 female1274084 freckles25718 gloves17899 hoof shoes4438 lesbian91184 lgbt287 mare433350 mouthpiece1223 pink background2464 positive ponies462 pride1395 raised hoof40115 rarijack6679 shipping186413 simple background355018


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Background Pony #EABD
You mean like feminists and Muslim women (now that opens a can of worms)? Binary (cis-)feminists and transgender people? Red pillers and blue pillers?

I see the invalidation of identity as a large-scale problem, sadly. Makes me think that Earth is actually a prison planet that criminal Aliens are continually reborn onto until they are rehabilitated, it explains humanity's bullshit, antisocial and self-destructive behavior pretty well.
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