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safe (1429404)edit (99171)edited screencap (44332)editor:undeadponysoldier (872)screencap (174773)bruce mane (111)cloud kicker (1507)fine line (156)maxie (156)orion (208)shooting star (character) (208)spike (68543)sweetie belle (43819)earth pony (148320)pegasus (188090)pony (698176)unicorn (203381)a canterlot wedding (2161)boyfriend and girlfriend (15)caption (13700)clothes (355758)cuit (1)cute (148592)diasweetes (2146)dress (35042)female (760201)filly (50521)flower (18410)flower in hair (5335)hat (64758)image macro (33140)male (258048)mare (335360)photo (66447)prom (89)prom night picture (2)shipping (164505)spikebelle (640)stallion (73004)straight (109486)sunburst background (807)text (40595)top hat (3203)word art (26)

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