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In today’s Low Effort Image Macro, I admit I’ve been waiting seven long years for this day.

(Moze 4 life.)
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Burger King Leonidas
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General Gas Lover
Because a gaming journo’s job isn’t to push politics where it doesn’t belong (see the outrage over Doom: Eternal intercom jokes for proof of concept). They’re just supposed to report on actual news like confirmed character details, gameplay elements, story, graphics, etc.

I don’t give a damn about gender either but I still have to point out how idiotic a move it is to not only have your employees run with this absurd notion and insult the fanbase should they just want another Borderlands game instead, have the gaming journos do the same, not apologize for any of it, and still expect enough people to buy the game to make a profit. Then again, Gearbox is still being run by Randy "I’m gonna narc on someone at the mall for letting people play NES Super Mario Bros publically" Pitchford who’s misdeeds have been pretty well cataloged and such examples have already been mentioned by @Atomic
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Burger King Leonidas
Wallet After Summer Sale

General Gas Lover
And that’s not even getting into the more recent news of gaming "journalists" comparing a robot character that doesn’t have a gender with the game having a message about transgenderism and trans rights and the VAs taking to Twitter to mock people that would have a problem with this being in their comedic, light-hearted looter shooter.
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Thread Starter - Ends begins with word game
Wallet After Summer Sale

I have it preordered for PS4. I recently bought BL1 GOTY and am playing it. I have decided for my own stress and sanity, to not even attempt Moxxi’s Underdome. That thing is too damn difficult.
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Background Pony #79E6
there’s SOOOOOOOO many things wrong with this it’s not even funny. Epic wants to "Create Friendly Competition where players can choose which platform to play on" but how is making games Exclusive for X amount of Days or permanent Exclusive doing that?, Randy lieing about micro-transactions being in the game, Piracy in Video Games coming back due to Epic making this Exclusive until April 2020, the list goes on and on.
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luna's husbando
@Dashie41 YT

And the 8 remaster? Just as 7 is painfully overrated, 8 is badly underrated.

And from what I’ve heard, they might be adding voice acting.

I would vote for Tabitha St. Germain and Claire Corlett to play Quistis-Sensei and Selphie-chan.
Jaleel White as Squall
Dante Basco as Zell
Noah Antwiler as Seifer
Wes Johnson as Cid
Reuben Langdon as Irvine
Mark Dacascos as Laguna
Tara Strong as Edea
Andrea Libman as Rinoa
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Background Pony #ED28
Oh boy! I can’t wait for those sweet microtransactions on top of a $60 listing price! /s
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Background Pony #A295
Delisting Duke Nukem 1, 2 and Megaton Edition.

The only good thing Gearbox has done was Half-Life Opposing Force.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012
Wallet After Summer Sale

>Epic Games Exclusive
>Randy assaulting former VAs
>Randy generally being toxic on Twitter
>Randy’s legally questionable porn on a flash drive
>Take-Two goons harassing and taking down a fan’s YouTube channel
>Aliens Colonial Marines
>Duke Nukem Forever
>Utterly botched Halo PC port that even affects MCC to this very day.

Imagine being a Borderlands fan.
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