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safe (1446464)artist:dawnfire (496)applejack (149574)fluttershy (186153)pinkie pie (190953)rainbow dash (205982)rarity (159434)twilight sparkle (263673)alicorn (167753)earth pony (154321)pegasus (194151)pony (714193)unicorn (210854)apple (13167)colored pupils (7626)cute (151788)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2639)dashabetes (6835)diapinkes (7260)eye clipping through hair (2603)eyeshadow (10745)falling (2278)female (775927)food (52347)hnnng (2073)jackabetes (4390)makeup (14454)mane six (26929)mare (345194)one eye closed (20901)open mouth (106183):p (5914)raribetes (3890)shyabetes (9702)smiling (186500)tongue out (77138)twiabetes (8336)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (104153)


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