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Tomoko Tanue

Apple Thief 66 Counts
@Background Pony #4C21
technically we a constitutional republic. so its a form of democracy, but not pure.

a pure democracy is also called 2 wolf 1 sheep

what the US has is 2 wolf, and 1 armed sheep that has its rights protected. (aka 3 cities can't control the whole country. the US is to big with different cultures/climates to let 2 states or 3 cities speak for all of us)

that said…….yeah the US sucks at nation building. we're good at policing and protecting. but actually building other countries…we have a bad track record of.

we are a democracy though, but one with constitutionally protected rights.
Background Pony #E7A4
Murica hell yeah! Lets invade some foreign countries, kill people with drones and waterboard and detain own citizens without trial. Were gonna freedom and democracy the shit out of the whole world!
Tomoko Tanue

Apple Thief 66 Counts
still my favorite artist to go to. he helped design my character, and his art has always, without fail, been stuff i treasure <3
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