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Anonymous has published to me my comic on the real nice Anon and myself that I had published the day before yesterday on Derpibooru, but this one, towards me, is very hateful and vulgar without my knowledge!

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Trying to stand up against a forum of the likes of 4chan is probably one of the worst ideas you can have on the internet.

Also, making these kind of posts and I mean the original picture and the response to MLPol are still aknowledging the site which just fuels the interest of the anons to keep messing with you because all they want is your reaction which you have brought to them…more than 5 times.

No offense but the problem is not how the anons and the background ponies are saying not so nice things about you but rather your inhability to move on from the kind of comments you are getting, Derpibooru and MLPol ISN’T FACEBOOK! The easiest thing you could do is just ignore the flack and move on.

You can’t simply please everyone and trying to make them is not gonna help either…

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